Music lives forever

World-renowned jazz trumpeter, composer and arranger Duško Gojković died at the age of 92.

Dusko Gojkovic website is launched

After many hours of work, I`m proud to announce that the famous jazz trumpeter Dusko Goykovich finally has his website! At this point, the website contains 225 Dusko Goykovich’s released recordings. Each with cover picture, release year, label with catalogue number, reissue info, artists list, tracks list with timings and external links if available. We will do our best to update the EVENTS list with all Goykovich’s upcoming concerts and gigs as frequently as possible.

First of all – thank you Dusko for all you’ve done for jazz music. We all truly love and greatly respect your art.

The list of people without whom this website would not have been possible starts with Željko Karleta, who has gathered a large record collection of Dusko Goykovich on Cosmic Sounds label website and introduced me to Dusko. I would also like to thank the brilliant young photographer Nemanja Živković. You can find new photos of Dusko on Zivkovic’s website, taken during the 2015 Musicology Festival in Belgrade. Finally, thanks to the Internet, to large discography networks such as Discogs and thanks to the KILMULIS design team (Radmila Klikić, Stanislav Petrović and myself) responsible for the original design of this website.

Please take a look around, link to us and enjoy browsing!

Arpad Pecsvary