Paul Millns ‎– Reaching Out

Paul Millns ‎– Reaching Out

Original Release Info

1987, Germany, plane, 88576

Other Releases Info

1988, Germany, plane, 88604


Nigel Portman-Smith (Bass), Ken Gudman (Drums), Neil Hubbard (Guitar), Alan Park (Keyboards), Mick Weaver (Organ), Eddie Conard (Percussion), Paul Millns (Piano, Lead Vocals), Steve Gregory (Saxophone, Solo-saxophone, Tenor Saxophone) and Dusko Gregovitch (Trumpet, Solo-trumpet).

Track List

Side A:
01. No One Listens To The Night
02. Open Up Your Window
03. Feel Me Coming Home
04. Looking Like A Loser
05. Hold Back The Night
06. Still Childlike

Side B:
01. Reaching Out For Heaven
02. Martha
03. Heartbreaking Highway
04. Last Train Blues
05. 15 Million Plastic Bags